Photography101 – Day 19 – Double

I’m late with this entry and must admit have struggled to think of what to photograph. I was home too late last night to go out with my camera and even my very extensive archives couldn’t deliver anything that resembled the theme of ‘double’. This is not my best effort but will suffice for today.

Yellow roses



  1. Love them, yellow is happy!

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Yellow roses are a favourite of mine.

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  2. Lovely. I love yellow roses.

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    1. Thanks Desley. They’re my favourite as well.

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  3. very nice choice, I’m glad you found something cheery. 🙂

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  4. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    You may not think they are your best effort but they are beautiful. The colour of friendship – doubled

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    1. Thanks Sandra x


  5. Yellow flowers are my favourite, the colours are very vibrant and the framing lovely.

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  6. Love these roses Michelle

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  7. Beautiful roses, lovely photo!

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