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Remembering Rome

One year ago today I arrived in Rome to begin a journey around Italy. While I was excited to be exploring Italy I was a little apprehensive about visiting Rome. I’d been warned about expensive food, pick-pockets and excessively crowded tourist attractions. How wrong I was to be concerned. Rome was beautiful and trouble-free and I loved every […]


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

When thinking about the definition of “Ephemeral” for this week’s challenge, i.e. fleeting, transient, lasting only for a short time, it occurred to me that it is a great word to describe the opportunities we have when taking street photographs. Often, the chance for the perfect shot can be fleeting and momentary, and sometimes it’s just good luck that you release the shutter at exactly the right […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Orange

This week we’re asked to share a group of photos where Orange is either the dominant colour, or provides a bold highlight.  We’re also asked to look for different shades – bright neons, deep rusts, delicate peaches. I used this challenge as an opportunity to look through my archives from travels through Turkey, Spain and Italy last […]

Photography101 – weekend challenge

There are no specific themes for the weekend. Instead we’re encouraged to try something we’ve learnt this week. In this post I’ve created a small gallery of some favourite photos from my trip to Rome earlier this year.