The finish line

I’m in Hobart for five days and enjoying the amazing atmosphere at the finish line of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. The Sydney to Hobart has been running since 1945 and is now considered one of the top three offshore yacht races in the world.

Day and night the wharf area is jumping with activity. The place-winning supermaxis sit alongside the smaller yachts around the Elizabeth St Pier and Franklin Wharf.  The winner Wild Oats XI doesn’t attract the attention you would expect, probably because it has won for so many years now.  Comanche is the people’s choice this year – a massive 100 foot yacht that threatened to take line honours but came in second. People line up beside Comanche to take photos and gaze at its huge mast and deck, trying to imagine what it would be like to sail such a distance on a boat like this.

Each time a new yacht nears the finish line an announcement is made over the loudspeaker. People around the wharf area cheer and clap as the boat arrives and family and friends rush to where it moors to celebrate with the skipper and crew.

The beautiful old wharf area provides a perfect backdrop to the entire event and an opportunity to get some great shots.



  1. I love the wharf area in Hobart. I can image what a buzz it is there at the moment.

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  2. Great photos! How exciting to be there! That black and white one is exquisite.

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  3. I agree. The black and white picture is excellent. All the photos make me want to be there.

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    1. You should go down next year.


  4. Lois Sullivan · · Reply

    Thanks Michelle, no news of the race in London so I did wonder who won 😊 👍

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  5. Damien Wijerathne · · Reply

    Wonderful photos…

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