Sunset over the bay

Most Wednesday evenings I go sailing on Port Phillip Bay. You can read more about my sailing experiences here in a previous post. Each week I get to enjoy some pretty stunning views from the boat and then later from the Brighton Yacht Club where we gather for a drink and chat. As the days get shorter the sunsets seem to get more and more spectacular. Although I only had my iPhone with me last night I couldn’t resist taking a few shots to share with you.



  1. Beautiful shots Michelle. Hard to believe they were captured with a phone!

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    1. Thanks Lisa. It would have been difficult to take a bad shot with that sunset.

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  2. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    They are beautiful Michelle, but I love the one of the guy fishing off the jetty best, so relaxing

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    1. Thanks Sandra. He did look very happy to be there. X


  3. Both are definitely superior shots, very nicely framed. The fisherman is special.
    That’s great to learn about your weekly sailing program. Sounds wonderful.

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  4. Wow great photos. So happy you get to go sailing each week!!!! Amazing!!

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    1. Thanks DJ. It’s really lovely out there and a great way to get away from it all.

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