Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

I’ve just returned from a week in Shanghai, a city that is in constant Motion, even in places where you’d least expect to see much happening.

From early in the morning until late into the night the beautiful parks fill with people looking for an escape from the traffic and noise of the city. They chat with friends, play cards or checkers, fly kites, fish, do Tai Chi, play with children, sing Karaoke … and dance. They waltz, jive, fox-trot, samba, square-dance, or whatever else takes their fancy. Individuals stand around the edge of the dancers, watching, moving to the music and looking for an opportunity to join in. Before long a partner is there, asking them to dance, and they both disappear into the group to show off their latest moves.

Dancers in Yuyuan Gardens



  1. Great shot of motion!!

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  2. That makes you want to join in!

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  3. Fabulous shot Michelle!

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    1. Thanks Lisa.

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