Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

For this week’s theme of Broken I’ve decided to feature a photo I took in Hong Kong of some workmen on a roof. For me, men in hard hats, whether they’re on a building site or the street, seem to be fixing something (even though they’re often constructing something new).

In this case it isn’t clear what they’re doing but I thought it was a good image to use for the theme.  I was able to get this bird’s eye view of the workmen as I walked across a footbridge from the ferry terminal.

Workmen in Hong Kong



  1. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    Your photography skills are amazing Michelle. You have such an eye for colour, shades, that which is different, that which is changing, I look forward to seeing them every week. Still waiting to read that you will make a book one day

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  2. Great perspective Michelle. I found a similar sight to photograph this week as well!!

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    1. What a coincidence! Your’s reminded me of the Melbourne wheel which took years to get going.

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      1. I remember coming to Melbourne and seeing it just sitting there. I haven’t been on the Melbourne one yet.


  3. At first glance I thought is was the ill fated Melbourne wheel! Nice answer to the challenge

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    1. It did remind me of the Melbourne wheel when I first spotted it.


  4. Great composition, Michelle. Your take on the theme is original and thoughtful.

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    1. Thanks Lucile. I really appreciate your thoughtful feedback. X


  5. I liked your interpretation too, but I really came over because I’m so curious. So, tell me: did you get a new camera this weekend? Have you tried it yet? Do you love it?

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    1. Unfortunately I had a really busy weekend and didn’t get a chance to go shopping. Definitely this weekend though, if not before. I’ll let you know when I do.

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    2. I finally got the OMD E-M5II and it’s bloody awesome. I’m still figuring out how it works but really impressed already. Can’t wait to get out and take lots more photos and play around some more.


      1. I know! Bloody awesome is the correct description! Congrats with the new camera!

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  6. It is almost as if the wheel is taking over the city with the unsuspecting workers oblivious to its clutches. Love the perspective

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    1. Thanks. I hadn’t thought of it that way but you’re absolutely right.

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