Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol

I’m very late for this week’s photo challenge.  This is partly due to feeling pretty lousy with a bad cold for most of the week but also because I’ve struggled to think of something to publish. But trawling through my photos one more time looking for inspiration it suddenly became obvious. What better symbol of Melbourne than the laneway.

Melbourne’s laneways were originally designed as a service road for horse and carts but are now a celebrated part of our history and culture. If you want to find the latest popular bar, cafe or gallery in Melbourne, it is almost certainly going to be located in a laneway. Street artists from all over the world visit our lanes to make their mark and tourists flock to the more well-known laneways to take selfies and soak up their unique atmosphere.

Here are just a few of my laneway photos.




  1. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    Fabulous places

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  2. Great shots Michelle.

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    1. Thanks Lyn.


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  4. […] This Melbourne Life Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol […]


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