Ganesh Utsav

Today was another rainy day in Savusavu. Robyn and I were killing time sheltering in the marina cafe when we heard drums beating and people cheering. We raced to our rooms to grab cameras and umbrellas and went out on to the street to see what was happening. Our grey day had become a mass of colour. The street was full of the town’s Hindu people cheering and dancing. The women and girls were wearing beautiful saris and many people had their faces decorated with coloured powder. At the centre of the crowd was a statue of the elephant-headed god Ganesha being carried along the street.

We later learned that they were celebrating Ganesh Utsav, the culmination of Ganesh Chaturthi, a ten day Hindu festival celebrated in honour of Ganesha. On the eleventh day after a final offering of coconuts, flowers and sweets, the statue is taken to the water through the street procession and immersed.

It was great to see everyone having so much fun and to have a colourful break to what was otherwise a dull, grey day in Savusavu.



  1. Great photos Michelle. The color is amazing!

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    1. Thanks Julie. It was beautiful to watch.


  2. hemanth14715 · · Reply

    Nice post. It is great to hear tht Fijian hindhus celebrating Ganesh chaturthi for over 10 days. The coloured powder is called holi.

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    1. Thanks! Also for information about the powder as someone else asked me about it so I was able to tell them what it is called. It was great to see everyone having so much fun.

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  3. Beautiful shots Michelle – love the colours! And that one of the two kids drinking something is delightful.

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    1. Thanks – it was my favourite too. They were so cute.

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  4. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    WOW, aren’t their costumes just magnificent

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    1. They were stunning.


  5. What an array of beautiful color! I was sitting at that same marina cafe when a Police Parade marched down that same street in June! I guess that there is always something to celebrate in Savasavu

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    1. Thanks Lisa. It seemed to be that kind of place. You’ve obviously arrived at your next destination. I hope the sail was ok. I’ll check out your blog and email you soon.

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      1. It most certainly is!

        I have arrived in Newcastle and will be heading down Sydney way, via Pittwater tomorrow. Can’t wait to sail into Sydney Harbor!

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        1. Wow! I had no idea you’d already arrived in Australia. You’ll love Pittwater and its natural beauty. And Sydney Harbour will blow you away.

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          1. We left New Cal early because we got a good window. And we ‘flew’ here in 6 days under sail. Newcastle was a great port of entry (nice officials, comfortable marina, great street art) but now that we are rested, I am really keen to head south!

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