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5 Photos-5 Stories Challenge – day 1

I’ve been nominated by my blogger friend Lucile de Godoy from Amsterdam to participate in a Photo/Story Challenge.  Lucile is an amazing photographer who has inspired me to take more street shots and to experiment with black and white photography.  I recommend you check out her blog Bridging Lacunas to see just how talented she is. […]

Collingwood Children’s Farm

The Collingwood Children’s Farm is a stone’s throw from my home and only a few kilometres from the centre of Melbourne.  The Farm was established in 1979 by a community committee and relies heavily on donations and volunteers to run. There are range of animals on the farm including goats, sheep, horses, ducks, pigs, chickens, […]

Photography101 – Day 13 – Moment

Today we are asked to show a fleeting moment in our photograph.  This one was taken at the night market in Melbourne.  The colourful costume combined with the movement of the dance provided a perfect ‘moment’ for me to capture.

Chapel Street

Over the past few years I have been a regular visitor to a monthly design market at the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne. I found two of my best ever vintage buys there – a pair of beautiful Bally lace up high heel shoes and a classic brown leather Oroton bag (circa 1980).  I can’t […]

Who’d have thought?

I often go to the Flemington Farmers’ Market on a Sunday morning. I love the atmosphere of the market – lots of dogs and families and a huge selection of local produce. You’ll find meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese, bagels, dips, pies, gozleme, flowers, bread, jam, pork pies, beer, apple cider, and too many other yummy […]