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Photography101 – weekend challenge 2 – black and white

My second challenge this weekend is take some photos in black and white. Anyone who has followed my blog in the past knows that I LOVE colour. Whenever I have a camera in my hand I gravitate towards bright colours – a red bicycle, autumn leaves, a sunset, a brightly painted building – so black […]

Eating out in Abbotsford

I’m very spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out in my new neighbourhood. Just down the road is Victoria St which has countless Vietnamese restaurants, a great Korean place, and so many more eateries that I haven’t discovered yet. A few blocks away is the Carringbush Hotel, and on the ground floor of […]

Moving house

I’ve just moved. My new apartment (really a flat) is tiny but perfect for me. It’s located in an old heritage building in Abbotsford called Denton Mills, which used to be a hat factory. I’ve done a bit of research since moving in and have discovered that the factory was built in 1888 in ‘colourful […]