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The Changing Seasons – December

This is my last post for the current Changing Seasons series. The series was established by blogging friend Cardinal Guzman from Oslo back in January and each month bloggers from all over the world have been posting shots of their home city. The idea of the series was to highlight the seasonal changes that occur in […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid

Vivid is the theme for this week’s challenge and I’ve procrastinated all week wondering which photo to post. I haven’t had the time to shoot something new so have been through my extensive archives countless times looking for something to fit the theme, that I haven’t already posted. My apartment faces west so I get to […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat

When I saw Afloat was the theme for this week’s photo challenge I immediately thought of a shot I’d taken earlier this week. My back door faces east and early each morning I open the door to check out the new day.  Often I’m greeted by a beautiful sunrise but on this particular day there were […]

Street art or vandalism?

Street art, once considered a blight on the urban landscape, is now a major tourist drawcard in many cities. Despite this significant shift in attitude, some still believe that street art equals vandalism. Regular followers of This Melbourne Life or my Instagram feed will know that I love all street art, but understand not everyone shares my appreciation […]

5 Photos/5 Stories challenge – day 3

I was sick and out-of-action yesterday so am putting up two photo/stories today. ‘The Vic’ is on Victoria Street, Abbotsford, not far from where I live. It’s a lively and colourful pub that is always full of people having a drink and a chat and maybe a meal at the end of each day. In […]

Meet Little Audrey

Meet Little Audrey! Audrey has been a hugely popular Melbourne landmark since 1936. She was originally constructed as an advertisement for Skipping Girl vinegar and was Australia’s first animated neon sign. Little Audrey skipped on top of the vinegar factory until 1968 when it was demolished.  Unfortunately Whelan the Wrecker claimed ownership of Audrey and […]

Collingwood Children’s Farm

The Collingwood Children’s Farm is a stone’s throw from my home and only a few kilometres from the centre of Melbourne.  The Farm was established in 1979 by a community committee and relies heavily on donations and volunteers to run. There are range of animals on the farm including goats, sheep, horses, ducks, pigs, chickens, […]

Photography101 – Day 17 – Glass

We’ve been asked to incorporate glass into today’s image.  It can be a window, a mirror, a drinking glass, or even sunglasses. I wandered around my neighbourhood looking for the perfect shot. I finally settled on this one – not perfect but interesting.  It was taken from outside a fruit and vegetable shop at the […]

Street Art

I love street art. Fortunately my new neighbourhood attracts some of Melbourne’s most talented street artists so I’m able to indulge my passion every time I go out for a walk.  Some pieces look like they should be on a gallery wall.  Others are simple, almost crude, but just as interesting. Here is just a […]

Photography101 – Day 6 – Connect

This bridge crosses the Yarra River near my home. It provides a vital link to the popular Yarra Bend Park and is in constant use by cyclists, joggers and locals out walking with their dog, family or friends. I thought it a very fitting subject for today’s theme of connect.