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Photography101 – weekend 4 – wrap up

What a month! I’ve loved having the challenge of posting a photo a day and waited eagerly each morning for the new theme.  I didn’t post as many new photos as I’d have liked to but did experiment with new methods and got to know my camera a little better. For the final weekend we’ve […]

Photography101 – Day 20 – Triumph

This is my last entry for Photography101 challenge and the theme is ‘triumph’. I’m a little late again although it’s still officially Friday on the other side of the world. I’ve managed to get a photo up each day and have experimented with new ideas and methods which I”ll continue to explore.  I’ve communicated with […]

Photography101 – Day 19 – Double

I’m late with this entry and must admit have struggled to think of what to photograph. I was home too late last night to go out with my camera and even my very extensive archives couldn’t deliver anything that resembled the theme of ‘double’. This is not my best effort but will suffice for today.

Photography101 – Day 18 – Edge

Show us an edge — a straight line, a narrow ridge, a precipice. This was today’s instruction for Photography101. The photo I chose for this theme was taken in Trieste earlier this year and has two edges. I went out one evening and spied a group of fishermen. They were sitting on the edge of […]

Photography101 – Day 17 – Glass

We’ve been asked to incorporate glass into today’s image.  It can be a window, a mirror, a drinking glass, or even sunglasses. I wandered around my neighbourhood looking for the perfect shot. I finally settled on this one – not perfect but interesting.  It was taken from outside a fruit and vegetable shop at the […]

Photography101 – Day 16 – Treasure

Today we’ve been asked to provide a shot of something that we treasure. While I treasure my daughters more than anything in the world they didn’t seem the right choice for this challenge.  Instead I’m going with something that gives me treasured time away from it all each week – sailing. I took up sailing […]

Photography101 – weekend 3 – hone your camera eye

As the title suggests we’re encouraged to practice some of the techniques we’ve been learning throughout the month. This week I’ve played with black and white, colour and movement, depth, and capturing architecture from many different perspectives.

Photography101 – Day 15 – Landscape

Landscape is today’s theme.  I have so many to choose from but decided on this one.  It was taken just out of Florence at a famous lookout that I can’t remember the name of.  I got up there and discovered that my camera battery was dead so had to use my iPhone. I was pretty […]

Photography101 – Day 14 – Swarm

The theme today is ‘swarm’ – and is meant to show a large group moving together. The best I could find from my archives to represent this theme was taken in Gubbio in Italy at the ‘Ceri’ festival where we came across a band who ‘swarmed’ down the stairs and on to the street. They were […]

Photography101 – Day 13 – Moment

Today we are asked to show a fleeting moment in our photograph.  This one was taken at the night market in Melbourne.  The colourful costume combined with the movement of the dance provided a perfect ‘moment’ for me to capture.