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The Changing Seasons – December

This is my last post for the current Changing Seasons series. The series was established by blogging friend Cardinal Guzman from Oslo back in January and each month bloggers from all over the world have been posting shots of their home city. The idea of the series was to highlight the seasonal changes that occur in […]

5 Photos/5 Stories challenge – day 3

I was sick and out-of-action yesterday so am putting up two photo/stories today. ‘The Vic’ is on Victoria Street, Abbotsford, not far from where I live. It’s a lively and colourful pub that is always full of people having a drink and a chat and maybe a meal at the end of each day. In […]

Lunar New Year

Today there is a festival at the end of my street to celebrate Lunar New Year and the year of the goat. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese people came to Melbourne in the 1970’s as refugees and then in the 1980’s through migration programs. ¬†Since that time Victoria Street in Richmond – also known as […]

Meet Little Audrey

Meet Little Audrey! Audrey has been a hugely popular Melbourne landmark since 1936. She was originally constructed as an advertisement for Skipping Girl vinegar and was Australia’s first animated neon sign. Little Audrey skipped on top of the vinegar factory until 1968 when it was demolished. ¬†Unfortunately Whelan the Wrecker claimed ownership of Audrey and […]

Moving house

I’ve just moved. My new apartment (really a flat) is tiny but perfect for me. It’s located in an old heritage building in Abbotsford called Denton Mills, which used to be a hat factory. I’ve done a bit of research since moving in and have discovered that the factory was built in 1888 in ‘colourful […]