5 Photos/5 Stories challenge – day 3

I was sick and out-of-action yesterday so am putting up two photo/stories today.

‘The Vic’ is on Victoria Street, Abbotsford, not far from where I live. It’s a lively and colourful pub that is always full of people having a drink and a chat and maybe a meal at the end of each day. In summer the shutters are removed and people sit up at the open windows to watch some of the very colourful characters make their way up and down Victoria St. A food van (one of Melbourne’s many) is often parked out the front of the pub, serving hamburgers to the customers.

I’ve edited this photo to give it a slight grunginess to reflect the feel of the pub and the street.


The rules of the 5 Photos-5 Stories challenge are: 1) To post a photo every day for 5 days; 2) To write a story to accompany your photo for 5 days (this can be fiction or non-fiction, a page, a paragraph or a poem); 3) To nominate a different person each day.

I know that many of my fellow bloggers are regularly asked to participate in these challenges so rather than nominating an individual I’m making an offer to any of you who are interested to take up the challenge.



  1. I’m glad to see you back and hope you’re feeling better!
    I loved this photo. Great composition . It’s a very beautiful graffiti. Seems like a very nice place to be.
    Take care my dear!

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    1. Thanks Lucile. I think I may have broken the rules. Is it meant to be a black and white challenge? The rules don’t say so but I’ve noticed you and Desley Jane are only posting B&W. Doesn’t really matter I’m sure.

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      1. Don’t worry! And I’m sorry for being unclear to you about that.
        Your photos and stories are wonderful and that’s the most important.
        Break the rules has all to do with my today’s quote! So you’re a trend setter.

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        1. Thanks Lucile. X

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    2. Thank you also for lovely feedback on my photo and your thoughtful concern about my health. X

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      1. You’re most welcome my dear!

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  2. Such a great shot Michelle. Love the street scene!

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    1. Thanks Lisa. I took it on my iPhone while walking home from the tram.

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      1. Wow! Nice. My iPhone photos are nowhere near as nice!

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        1. Mine aren’t either – hence the editing.


  3. Interesting series Michelle – hope you are feeling better again xx

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    1. I am thanks Val. I had a stomach bug which didn’t last long thankfully. X


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