Photography101 – Day 11 – Pop of colour

Today we’ve been asked to think about how colour plays a part in our images – to experiment with one colour and feature it against a neutral background, rather than having several colours compete for attention in a scene.

I’ve not had a chance to go out today so have used a shot from my archives.  I love featuring bright colours in my photographs so had many to choose from. I thought this one best met the description for the assignment. It was taken on a recent trip to Italy in the city of Perugia.




  1. Beautiful photo. Love the pop of red and the texture in the yellow paint!

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  2. love this it could be on a cafe wall in Paris x

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    1. Thank you! Im glad you like it.

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  3. thekellygeorge · · Reply

    Love it! Is this how you got around Perugia? 😉

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    1. I wish! Next time maybe.

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  4. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    Perfect comparison of colour. Can imagine you getting around on that

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    1. Especially if it’s in Italy. X


  5. love it!

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  6. Your huge archives


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