Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself

This shot was taken in Gubbio, Italy and I think it’s perfect for this week’s theme – Express Yourself.

While walking around the Ceri festival – when the entire town parties for a day – I spotted these two enjoying a quiet beer and lunch away from the festivities.

Clown at Ceri festival



  1. This is amusing!

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    1. Thanks Jane. I thought so too.


  2. I love that one has a rather ‘regular’ outfit with jeans, jacket and hat while his friend is all decked out in multi colors. All he needed to really complete that outfit was two different shoes. Great shot.

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    1. Thanks Judy. I was also struck by the contrast between the two. Each time I look at this photo I wonder what they are saying.


  3. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    Friends no matter who you are where you are or what you wear, this depicts it all so beautifully, well done Michelle and the backdrop is like they are in a picture frame

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    1. Thanks Sandra. I’ve loved this photo ever since I took it and was glad of an opportunity to show others.


  4. So colorful!

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    1. Thanks Anabell.

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  5. That’s an awesome shot. I don’t remember them.

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