Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

Fresh is the theme for this week’s photo challenge. I took this shot while visiting New Delhi for a conference in 2013. A group of us took a rickshaw tour of Old Delhi and then wandered about the spice market. I came across this woman making beautiful garlands of fresh flowers.

Old Delhi



  1. Was that from your trip to India or did you have to go to Dandenong?

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  2. It’s a very beautiful photo, Michelle. It reminds me of my days there.

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    1. Thanks Lucile. It was a place I found quite confronting but also intriguing and beautiful.

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      1. Indeed is confronting. I for one felt very small with my little issues, when watching the social discrepancies and terrible conditions most people live in.
        It’s contrasting country though with a wealthy and fascinating culture.


  3. I so want to visit India for sights like this.

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    1. There is so much colour and movement.


  4. This photo encapsulates part of what I love about India – the flowers everywhere, the richness and warmth of the colours and the people…

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    1. Thanks Regina. It was very colourful indeed.

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  5. My kind of photograph Michelle. Love the ‘moment’ you have captured and the beautiful color! Very nice entry!

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