The Changing Seasons – April

The months are flying by so quickly. It’s already time for the April update of The Changing Seasons photo challenge. This challenge, initiated by blogging friend Cardinal Guzman, requires us take photos of a part of our city each month to illustrate the changes that take place over the year.

To date I’ve taken shots around the Federation Square/Flinder Street Station/ Southgate precinct of Melbourne.  You can check them out in my previous posts for January,  February and March.

Although Autumn has finally arrived, with many trees changing colour and the weather a little cooler, it is hard to highlight seasonal change in Melbourne. So to add a bit of variety, this month I started at Federation Square with the usual shot of the flags and St Pauls Cathedral, and then headed south over the Yarra River to the National Gallery and Art Centre.  I’ve also included some street photos taken on recent walks around the city.




  1. Our home town looks gorgeous through your lens…

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    1. Thanks! It is such a beautiful city it is hard to take a bad photo to be honest.

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  2. Great post that actually made me wonder about this and that (I asked some questions in the photo gallery). I like the street photos, it’s always interesting to see street life in foreign countries.

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    1. Thanks Cardinal. I’m glad that you found them interesting. I really love street photos too – they tell you so much about other countries and cultures. They’re the photos I love taking most of all.

      I’ve not figured out how to reply directly from the photos so will answer your questions here. The people standing on the steps of H&M are holding an Aboriginal flag and were part of a larger protest rally through the city. Our very conservative Prime Minister is talking about removing funding from people living in remote communities calling it a ‘lifestyle choice’. The police line was part of the same rally. I have many more photos from the rally which I might feature in a separate post.

      Most of our secondary schools have compulsory school uniforms. The girl in the photo would most likely have been travelling across the city to a private school – we have a large number of them here.

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  3. […] I finally managed to find time to get into the city very early this morning to take some shots for this month’s Changing Seasons series. This photo challenge, initiated by blogging friend Cardinal Guzman, is about photographing our city each month to illustrate how it changes over the year. You can view my previous posts here for January, February, March and April. […]


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