Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird

I’m pleased that Early Bird is the theme for this week’s photo challenge as it gives me an opportunity to post a shot that I took for The Changing Seasons February series. I excluded the photo at the time as it was too dark but have since had a go at editing it with Lightroom and although it’s a little bit grainy I quite like the result.

The photo was taken from beneath the Prince’s Bridge looking back towards the city. You can see the dome of Flinders Street Station, the sign above Young and Jackson’s Hotel advertising the stage show ‘Strictly Ballroom’ and the spire of St Pauls Cathedral. As it’s still very early in the morning the bridge lights are still on.  Birds are flying overhead and in the distance you can just make out a hot air balloon starting its early morning flight over the city.
Early Bird



  1. Must be a great view from up there. Have you ever been in one?

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    1. Yes I have. In Cappadocia Turkey. Fantastic experience. Have you?


      1. No, but I’ve been to Cappadocia. Surrealistic place.

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        1. It certainly is that.


  2. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    Love this one Michelle

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  3. Gorgeous bluish shot!

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    1. Thanks Lucile. It was very early in the morning – earlier than I normally care to get up.


      1. You’re welcome, Michelle. At least you got the best shot!

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