Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

What is my Muse when it comes to taking photographs? What subject do I turn to frequently, more inspired each time? These are the questions we’ve been asked to consider for this week’s photo challenge.

For me it’s the streets of Melbourne. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration or I want to try a new technique with my camera, I start walking the city streets. They deliver for me every time with interesting architecture, vibrant street art, grungy laneways, street performers and lots of weird and wonderful people. Sometime I stumble upon something completely unexpected – a protest rally, a circus tent, a wedding – and I feel as though I’ve been given a special gift.

The photo I’ve selected for the challenge was taken a few months ago in Flinders Lane and features so many things that I love about Melbourne.




  1. 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  2. Fabulous. And what a charming city it is. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Perhaps we can communicate another way? Shoot me an email desleyp@gmail.com if you like?

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    1. Thanks DJ. Will write soon and we’ll try and catch up next time you’re in Melbourne.

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  3. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    Brilliant as usual

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    1. Thanks Sandra. x


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