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Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

For this week’s theme of Broken I’ve decided to feature a photo I took in Hong Kong of some workmen on a roof. For me, men in hard hats, whether they’re on a building site or the street, seem to be fixing something (even though they’re often constructing something new). In this case it isn’t clear what […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

I’ve just returned from a week in Shanghai, a city that is in constant Motion, even in places where you’d least expect to see much happening. From early in the morning until late into the night the beautiful parks fill with people looking for an escape from the traffic and noise of the city. They chat […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

When thinking about the definition of “Ephemeral” for this week’s challenge, i.e. fleeting, transient, lasting only for a short time, it occurred to me that it is a great word to describe the opportunities we have when taking street photographs. Often, the chance for the perfect shot can be fleeting and momentary, and sometimes it’s just good luck that you release the shutter at exactly the right […]