A great place to visit

Last week I read yet another newspaper article about the so-called Sydney Melbourne rivalry. Generally they focus on which city has the best coffee or restaurants. This time it was about fashion and style and where you will find the best dressed men. According to data generated by the Global Language Monitor, an organisation that tracks the frequency of words and phrases in the media and on the web, Sydney is the clear winner, ranked 8th in the world and well ahead of Melbourne at 26th.

I’ve just returned from a long weekend in Sydney. I had a fantastic time catching up with good friends and exploring this fabulous city. We visited Manly and its beautiful beach and took the ferry to Circular Quay. I love this ferry ride – it’s a wonderful way to travel to the city and you get an amazing view of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House from the water.


We walked around The Rocks area, stopping to check out the buskers and amazing views of the harbour. We admired the lovely old heritage buildings. We stumbled across a great little food market where local workers and tourists mingled together in the different queues to buy lunch. The Gozleme stall was clearly the most popular with a massive line that took well over an hour to disappear.


The next day we took a drive to Pittwater – an area I’ve not visited before but definitely wish to return to. Pittwater is about 40km north of the Sydney CBD and surrounded by a national park. It is a very popular destination for fishing and sailing and as we drove along the water’s edge had fantastic views of the beaches and the many yachts and fishing boats anchored off shore.


My short holiday in this beautiful city caused me to reflect on the supposed inter-city rivalry that our newspapers write about time and time again. I wondered why the media insist on dredging up the same old stories. Are we really so concerned with which city has the best coffee or restaurants? Do we honestly care if Sydney men are more stylish than their Melbourne counterparts? Surely there are more interesting things to write about.

For me, Sydney is a great place to visit, and Melbourne is where I love to live. Isn’t that all that matters?



  1. So very true Michelle, it’s all about personal choice. X

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  2. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    ON;y having been to Sydney twice in my life this little piece makes me want to go back again and stay longer and explore more. Agree Michelle inter city rivalry is a bit over the top, tho I do love Melbourne and can never visit it enough

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  3. What an interesting weekend you had. I’ve been trying to persuade Garry to visit there for ages. x


    1. You should – there is so much to do there. And Pittwater is beautiful – so close to the CBD but very tranquil. Feels like you’re in the country.


  4. Terence · · Reply

    I think that they just use it on slow news days

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  5. All beautiful places – we had Rampallion in Pittwater – Careel Bay – it was a gorgeous place – except every time we returned we had to clean the poor boat as the birds love to stop overnight – freeloaders – we had all manner if things hanging off ropes – blank CDs, etc. Loved the feeling of sailing through the heads & down to the Harbour Bridge – special memories of NYE anchored just off the Opera House – next time you will be there with us 😊


    1. Sounds wonderful. Look forward to it.


  6. I so agree with you Michelle! I have lived in many big cities around the world and I love many wonderful things from each city, but I don’t have to compare them to make statement out of – Lovely blog and will go and read your travel blog soon.


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