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Weekly Photo Challenge – Forces of Nature

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is Forces of Nature and we’ve been asked to share something from our own corner of the world. For the past week I’ve been looking after a friend’s bed and breakfast and gallery in the Yarra Valley. For those of you not familiar with this part of the world, it is […]


Weekly Photo Challenge – Rule of Thirds

This week’s challenge is to use the Rule of Thirds, a concept that puts the subject of the photograph off-centre. It’s worth trying when you are framing your shot as it can make it much more interesting. The photograph I’m using for this challenge puts my subject – the cow – in the top third of the […]

Black and white photo challenge – day 1

I have taken on another new photo challenge (which I kind of self nominated for through Deb’s world). Each day for five days I will be posting a black and white photograph. Feel free to switch me off if you’re sick of getting emails about my photo challenges – I won’t be offended. The photo I’ve […]

A very country Christmas

What do you do on Boxing Day in a small Australian country town? You can watch test cricket on TV and eat endless Christmas leftovers, or go for a drive and take photographs.  There are no prizes for guessing what I chose to do.

A great place to visit

Last week I read yet another newspaper article about the so-called Sydney Melbourne rivalry. Generally they focus on which city has the best coffee or restaurants. This time it was about fashion and style and where you will find the best dressed men. According to data generated by the Global Language Monitor, an organisation that […]