Photography101 – Days 1 and 2

I’ve joined a WordPress photo-blogging group with the goal of posting a themed picture each weekday for the month of November. I’m a day behind so today I’m posting two photos. The theme for day 1 is “home” and this is my entry.

This photo was taken from the window of my home in Abbotsford where I have a great view of the city and get to enjoy some pretty spectacular sunsets.

The theme for day 2 is “street”. I took the photo below one evening while I was walking around the city. Hosier Lane is famous for the constantly changing and very colourful graffiti that line both sides of the street. I love colour in my photos and so the combination of neon lights, graffiti and the street lights glowing on the bluestones was difficult to resist. I also liked that the shadowy figures gave the scene a slightly eerie and mysterious quality.




  1. Beautiful sunset and such a nice atmosphere in the street photo.

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  2. The street photo is excellent Michelle.

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  3. These are fantastic Michelle – you are sooo clever. xx

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    1. Thanks Val. I really enjoyed taking photos while I was away so it’s nice to have an excuse to get back into it.


  4. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    WOW just how fantastic are they

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    1. Thanks Sandra.


  5. fabulous clicks !!

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