Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid

Vivid is the theme for this week’s challenge and I’ve procrastinated all week wondering which photo to post. I haven’t had the time to shoot something new so have been through my extensive archives countless times looking for something to fit the theme, that I haven’t already posted.

My apartment faces west so I get to see some pretty spectactular sunsets. When I first moved in I was whipping out my camera every few nights, but now only take a shot when the sunset is really vivid or there is an unusual cloud formation. On this particular night I was lucky enough to get both.

Sunset with crane



  1. Wow that really is vivid! Stunning Michelle.

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  2. Beautiful, you could reach out and touch those clouds. And the colours!

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  3. Mary Fenech · · Reply

    Wow, awesome shot. Those night sky colors are amazing and certainly vivid!

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    1. Thanks Mary


  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Beautiful Michelle

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