The Changing Seasons – June

I took my new camera out today to take some photos for this month’s Changing Seasons series. This series was initiated in January by a fellow blogger, Cardinal Guzman from Oslo, and has people from all over the world participating.

A few weeks ago we had a very chilly start to Winter, but this weekend was almost balmy with the temperature hitting 17 degrees today. Federation Square was as busy as a Spring day – children ran about, shoppers sat to rest and chat, families lazed around on the deck chairs, and the outdoor tables at the bars and cafes were overflowing with people enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Buskers were also out in force, taking advantage of the crowds. By late afternoon Princes Bridge was lined with tourists and locals, cameras ready, waiting for the sun to set over the river, so they could take the perfect shot. On the east side of the bridge at Birrarung Marr, the Circus Oz tent decorated the skyline with colour and fun.

The abundance of activity coupled with great winter light, was the perfect combination for me to practice using my new camera. I also had good fun experimenting with black and white. Here are some of my favourite shots from today’s shoot.



  1. What a fantastic gallery Michelle. The black and white photos of people are really great.
    I’m going to be in town this week, fancy a breakfast catchup?

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    1. Thanks DJ. I really enjoyed playing around with the B&W. I’m only using Snapseed at the moment so need to install Lightroom and start learning some more techniques. I really liked your tutorial on the beach photo. I would loved to have caught up with you for breakfast this week but I’m flying out to Perth tomorrow morning until Friday night. What a bummer!! Hopefully you’re back again soon and we can catch up then.

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      1. I’ve never tried Snapseed…. Glad you liked the tute 😋 Yes that’s a real bummer but I’ll definitely be back soon. Enjoy Perth!!

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  2. I love the mixture of B&W and colour photography. You should definitely get Lightroom, it’s a very easy and a powerful tool for image editing. It has great options to tag your photos and create a system in your local folders too.
    I hope you enjoy the new camera!


  3. So strange to see people there in hats and scarves when the temperature is the same as our ‘summer’ weather and we are in shorts and Tees! All relative of course… 😀

    Love the black and white conversions – street photographer looks good in this treatment I think.

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    1. It was strange as some people were in t-shirts and others in hats and scarves. Thanks for the feedback esp. on the b&w as I wasn’t sure how it would work.


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