Weekly Photo Challenge – Off-season

Last year I took four months off work to do some serious travelling. I was in Europe for much of the time – mostly Turkey, Italy, Spain and France – with the final three weeks spent sailing around French Polynesia. This trip changed my life in so many ways. It was the reason I started blogging. I set up From Barcelona to Tahiti so I could share my travel experiences with family and friends, which led to This Melbourne Life when I returned home. It was also when I decided that I loved capturing people’s lives through the lens of my camera and that I should get more serious about photography. Most importantly, it made me realise that I wanted to do much more travelling which led to my decision to quit a permanent and very demanding job to take on a more flexible work-life – a decision I’ve not regretted for a moment.

So why am I writing about all this for the weekly photo challenge? Because it’s been a whole year since I returned from my big trip and I’ve been looking over the photos remembering, and thinking about how I love to travel Off-Season, mostly because there are very few tourists to jostle with and everything is much less expensive. Some of my most memorable travel experiences have occurred during the off-season – like walking through freezing Central Park in late November when you could almost smell the cold, and where the water spilling over the edge of the fountains had formed into perfect frozen drops. Or lying on a pebbly beach near Olympos in April with a handful of local families enjoying the warmth of the early Spring sun. Or not having to wait for a waterfront table on the island of Kastelorizo to enjoy fresh grilled calamari, a beautiful Greek salad and some great local beer. Such simple pleasures.

Here is a photo taken on that day in Kastelorizo for this week’s photo challenge.




  1. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    Off season or not it looks a great place to relax and have a Red

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  2. Reggie Clark · · Reply

    We love going off-season and have great memories and photos of our trip through Europe in December & January. Beautiful snow covered towns, frozen fountains and great skiing under the Eiger!


    Reggie Clark Gallery Director *Art at Linden Gate*

    *899 Healesville-Yarra Glen Rd*

    *Yarra Glen Vic 3775* *03 9730 1861* *www.artatlindengategallery.com.au *

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    1. Thanks Reggie. Good to hear about your off-season experiences.


  3. How fabulous. I would love to kick back with a glass of wine there right now!

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    1. You can add it to the bucket list. It’s only a short ferry ride from the south coast of Turkey.

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      1. Oh no worries then 😜 LOL

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  4. Ahhh, I can imagine myself there, sipping some wonderful wine. Lovely.



  5. I was in Antigua for Antigua Sailing Week in late April/early May 2015. When it was over it was like a switch had been flicked. The difference in activity was really dramatic. I wrote a post about the off-season in Antigua, which – if you are interested – can be found here: https://becomingasailor.wordpress.com/2015/05/03/antigua-signs-that-peak-season-is-over/

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  6. Mm that cafe looks so inviting!

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