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5 Photos/5 Stories challenge – day 5

Today’s photo/story is about street art. Melbourne is famous for its street art, including stencils and sticker-art. Well-known international street-artists including Banksy from the UK and Blek le Rat from France have contributed their work to our buildings. Hosier Lane is the city’s most famous street-art location and is constantly being photographed by tourists. Some […]

5 Photos/5 Stories challenge – day 4

Today I went to a seminar in the middle of the city.  Normally this wouldn’t be worth noting on my blog but this seminar was in a great location on the 12th floor opposite Flinders Street station, with a huge balcony which meant I had the opportunity to take some photographs. The photo I’ve selected […]

5 Photos/5 Stories challenge – day 3

I was sick and out-of-action yesterday so am putting up two photo/stories today. ‘The Vic’ is on Victoria Street, Abbotsford, not far from where I live. It’s a lively and colourful pub that is always full of people having a drink and a chat and maybe a meal at the end of each day. In […]

5 Photos/5 Stories challenge – day 2

This photo features two Melbourne trams travelling down Swanston Street in the city.  Trams have been operating in Melbourne since 1884. They were initially powered by horses and then cables, with the electric tram system commencing in 1906.  By 1940 all horse-drawn and cable trams had ceased operating. Our electric tram network is now the […]

Bench Series: March

A wooden bench for Travel Words bench series. Taken in the gardens at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, Australia.

5 Photos-5 Stories Challenge – day 1

I’ve been nominated by my blogger friend Lucile de Godoy from Amsterdam to participate in a Photo/Story Challenge.  Lucile is an amazing photographer who has inspired me to take more street shots and to experiment with black and white photography.  I recommend you check out her blog Bridging Lacunas to see just how talented she is. […]

Friday night

The Changing Seasons – February

You may remember this time last month I posted a series of photographs taken around the Federation Square/Southbank/Flinders Street Station precinct of Melbourne in response to a challenge set by fellow blogger Cardinal Guzman from Oslo to capture the changing seasons each month throughout the year. Melbourne is still in the midst of summer although we’ve not […]

The H.D mystery

The Arthur Boyd ‘Brides’ exhibition has been showing at the Heide Museum of Modern Art since November. I’m a huge Boyd fan so decided to check it out before it closes in a few weeks. Boyd is a well-known and very talented Australian artist and created the Brides series – more than 40 paintings in […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale

The photo I’ve selected for this week’s theme of Scale was taken at our State Library from an upper floor where you get a birds-eye view of the magnificent domed reading room.