Photography101 – Day 6 – Connect

This bridge crosses the Yarra River near my home. It provides a vital link to the popular Yarra Bend Park and is in constant use by cyclists, joggers and locals out walking with their dog, family or friends. I thought it a very fitting subject for today’s theme of connect.




  1. woo!! great job!

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  2. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    And you have taken it in black and white which is very effective. Well done

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  3. I love the framing of this photo… it seems like such a minor detail but I really think the plant shadows at the top make it so much more interesting. It feels rather voyeuristic.

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    1. Thanks Laura. I thought about cropping out some of the tree but decided against it. I’m pleased you like it.

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  4. Good perspective

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  5. Nice! Love the framing.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback.


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