Photography101 – Day 7 – Landmark

Melbourne has many landmarks but my favourite is the Forum Theatre.  Built in 1929 in the ‘Moorish Revival’ style the theatre is beautiful and slightly quirky.  Inside, the cerulean blue ceiling gives the feeling of being seated under an open evening sky, with twinkling stars and clouds.

Forum Theatre, Melbourne, Australia

Forum Theatre, Melbourne, Australia



  1. Australia is in my Travel’s wish list,,,

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  2. That has always been one of my favorites as well Michelle. X

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  3. Sandra Barton · · Reply

    Inspiring looking building. have never seen it Michelle, which Street is it on will have to take note when in Melb in Dec xxxxx

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    1. Hi Sandra. It’s on the corner of Russell and Flinders Streets opposite Federation Square. Definitely worth a look. x


  4. One of my favourite melbourne buildings


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